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Provisions in the Institute


The Adaikalamatha Institute of Teacher Education under the Adaikalamatha Educational Health and Charitable Trust has adequate infrastructure to run the course successfully and competenty. The Trust has a total area of 7.19 acres wherein Institute buildings are cropping up.

Class Rooms :

The Institute now has pleasant airy well-ventilated and well furnished Class rooms to accommodate the budding teachers to undergo the useful training.


It has the required number of Laboratories equipped with quality instruments and components. It has laudable instructional facilities with usable teaching aids. It has science Laboratory, Psychological lab, Education lab etc. The laboratories are fully equipped with essential needs. Musical Instruments to an adequate Software and Computer training.


The Library is well staked with Text Books, useful standard books, advanced Books on Teacher Education and prescribed books besides books on all areas for general reading. The Library is hoisted in an airy and well ventilated Hall and equipped with a total number of more than 3300 books.

Play Grounds:

The Institute has spacious play grounds for the use of the students of the Institute. Facilities are made and also being made for the students to play Volley ball, Foot-ball, Badmiton, Track events etc.,

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